Indra In Home Daycare is known as a personal, family-oriented, safe, nurturing and professional child daycare provider.


With 30 years of child daycare experience, Indra understands parents’ needs and concerns. As a mother of three successfully grown men, Indra In Home Daycare is based on a foundation that she will care for any child like her own. Not only will she provide your child with the utmost care, she will also ensure that your child will be ready for preschool.

Indra effectively provides great attention to each child in her care because of the small group that she requires in her home. Indra In Home Daycare caters to small children; from the time the mother finishes her maternity leave until the time that the child goes to school.

Indra offers flexible and affordable options that suit your family. Call or email her today for more information! 407.438.3480

Indra Pulayya, Orlando Daycare Provider

Professional Background

Since 1988, Indra has been a leading in home daycare provider no matter where she resides. Starting her career in New York City in the garment district, then to nursing, she soon found out that her true passion was caring for children. She tended to more then 10 children in her home daycare as well as transported them from school to her home.

When she and her family picked up and moved to Orlando, Florida in 1996, she thought she would pursue some other talents that she enjoys, such as landscape gardening that she did at Disney World. Although Indra is a woman with many talents, she continued her in home daycare in Orlando because she is extremely dedicated to nurturing and caring for children.